The Process, Is It Really Necessary?

“What’s the big deal with your process? Doesn’t a brand just come down to a logo and a couple of brand touchpoints?”

As a brand and marketing consultancy specializing in brand development – questions like this get thrown our way all the time. But, before we get too deep, lets set a foundation for this post. Yes, every agency out there has a process. Every chef, artist, writer, baker, performer, and yes, even tax auditors have a process. Working without a process is like trying to climb Mount Everest without training … it’s dangerous. bet365 casino So, for this post, we will focus on the Brand Process … our Universal Brand Process.

A couple years ago we realized that design was becoming redly accessible to non-designers. Stock photography, stock logos, stock-everything became the new shopping forum for a lot of clients not knowing the value of a brand … their brand … and thus the value consultants have in establishing a viable strategy that aligns with organizational goals. You see, a brand is much more then the tangibles delivered by creatives or agencies. But, I’m assuming we already have that established. العاب اون لاين مجانا So, then the process. Ah, yes. The process.

Our process is defined by logical start and end points at each phase, allowing agreement between client and agency. Without agreement we’ve noticed clients tend to not hold themselves accountable for decisions we may have recommended against. I’m sure other consultants have experienced this, and if you’re on the client side reading this … STOP THAT. The entire reason for logical agreement points along the way is to ensure everyone understands the best path the brand should take. شرح موقع bet365 A clear path laid out through the process places a higher value on achieving goals, and that’s all the client ultimately wants … results … and the best results are produced through a process.