Zinkand Golf Design

inkand Golf Design reinvigorates the game you love by collaborating with clients to produce works rich in substance, as well as aesthetic character. They tantalize golfers with thoughtful strategies and naturalistic contouring that stir the imagination and beg to be played again and again. Their layered, playable and often rugged landscapes are founded on time-tested principles of golf design. They are guided by the ethos that fundamental inspiration should not merely be sought in the designer’s head, but also within the genius of the landscape itself. Their style isn’t for everyone and they’re okay with that.

identity, research, strategy

Published: May 31, 2015


Zinkand Golf Design

CHALLENGE :: Reposition a nationally recognized golf course architect to compete with global firms such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Coore and Crenshaw. In a highly competitive niche industry, course knowledge, creative vision, and identity are instrumental in achieving success.


RESOLUTION :: Inspired by the great courses developed during the art deco period, we designed an identity package that aligned with Zinkand's unique modern take on course playability. Using his visionary formula we crafted a system that visually surpassed even that of the great Tiger Woods.


OUTCOME :: Since the launch of the revised Zinkand Golf Design brand, the firm has landed a couple highly esteemed global projects. Founder and leader designer David Zinkand has been featured in various golf related publications, talking through his creative through his creative process and the courses his firm is designed.