Swift Transportation

wift Transportation generates over $4 billion in revenue and operates nearly 18,000 trucks, making them North America’s largest full truck load carrier. Since 2013 we’ve been assisting Swift on various brand and recruitment marketing initiatives.

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Published: May 31, 2015


Swift Transportation

CHALLENGE :: Being the largest in any category can prove challenging. Competitors strive to devalue any equity the brand has built thus far. For the past 3 years Swift Transportation has depended on our agency to assist with meeting and exceeding on-goin driver recruitment tactics, corporate brand and marketing tactics, as well as departmental marketing initiatives. With an industry wide shortage of drivers, competition becomes increasingly difficult.


RESOLUTION :: While competitors focus on driver income, we took a different approach. Our recruitment strategy and creative direction showed the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. Through various media outlets we've clearly communicated the essence of the Swift brand. As Swift celebrates their 50 year anniversary, we reinvigorated the flame that passionately burns within all past and present Swift members ... Swift 50th Anniversary, Delivering A Better Life


OUTCOME :: Since the launch of Delivering A Better Life, Swift has extended it's communication reach to past Swift members, thanking them for their service and time while behind the Swift wheel. Recruitment exceeds their monthly objective, while corporate continues to refine the Swift voice through various on-going brand workshops with BACK:US.