Niagara Bottle Water

Niagara Bottling is the nation’s largest private-lable bottling company, developing plastic bottle technology that’s eco-friendly. Since 1963 Niagara has established itself as a national leader in high quality affordable bottled water with geographically diversified production facilities throughout the United States.

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Published: June 16, 2016


Niagara Bottling

CHALLENGE :: President of Niagara, Andy Peykoff II, and his team approached us to revamp the Niagara brand. In doing so, our biggest challenge was keeping the brands family legacy closely tied to the new look. It's not everyday you rebrand a 40 year old company. 


RESOLUTION :: We dove deep into the vast rich history of the bottling brand, seeking design cues that could transfer over to a newer, cleaner, more modern identity. We laid out the brands visual history and discovered back in the early 1970's a lowercase version of the mark was introduced. It was there, that we started our journey into the revitalizing new look of Niagara.


OUTCOME :: Since the strategic rebrand of Niagara Bottling, they have found tremendous success attracting various Fortune 500 companies such as Costco, Walmart, and other entities. With a higher demand of their bottling technology, Niagara has extended their offering to spring water, flavored waters, and sports quenchers.