Hybryd Systems

In an era of technology, comes a venture start-up headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. H Y B R Y D Systems specializes in home and office automations in and around the Phoenix Metro Area. Their team of home and office technoloy specialist help enhance the home and office experience by installing intuitive automated products from Control 4, their trusted partner. Home and commercial building owners across the valley are converting their places into smart, fully automated environments thanks to H Y B R Y D Systems.

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Published: May 31, 2015


Hybryd Systems

CHALLENGE :: Living in the fast paced world of technology, companies are spawning up all over, offering ways for homeowners to fully control their home with various automated products. In this highly saturated, very competitive market, developing a start up wasn't an easy task.


RESOLUTION :: Profiling competition, interviewing people, and experiencing competition first-hand, we identified a relevant gap in the marketplace. Rather then place a heavy emphasis on the technology, we positioned HYBRYD as the perfect harmony between man and technology.


OUTCOME :: Since the recent launch of the HYBRYD brand, the company has captures sales of over $150,000 in their first 2 months, which is an increase of 75% over projected quarterly sales.