Dose of Colors

Developed by the very talented Makeup By Anna, DOSE of COLORS is an online facial cosmetic company delivering beautifully pigmented cruelty free cosmetics to the “social” online market. Anna, and her team of creative geniuses, are celebrating their third year of business, yielding global attention for their beautiful pigments.

design, identity, lifestyle, research, strategy, touchpoint

Published: June 17, 2016


Dose of Colors

CHALLENGE :: DOSE of COLORS approached BACK:US AGENCY to help them better define their audience, design trends, and online social behaviors. The company competes in a very crowded marketplace, with global brands dominating the market, and celebrity boutique style brands breaking through. Our challenge was to highlight DOSE's brand attributes in a sea of color.


RESOLUTION :: Through ethnographic studies, focus groups, and prototyping we uncovered the power that lay hidden. Rather then compete head to head with brands like MAC, NYX, and Covergirl, we strategically positioned DOSE as a "facial cosmetic brand." Doing so allowed the brand to embrace Anna's talent as a color theorist through facial cosmetics. We developed a mark that was colorful, playful, whimsical and artful.


OUTCOME :: Since the launch of the new DOSE of COLORS brand, they have been able to increase their Instagram following to over 1.7 million followers and yield an average response rate of 10k per post. At the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney, the DOSE of COLORS trade show booth averaged lines that were close to 3 hours long ... showing the love their consumers have for the brand.