Commonwealth Casualty Company

ommonwealth Casualty Company is the fastest growing non-standard auto insurance provider in Arizona, insuring over 25,000 drivers in the Phoenix Metro Area alone. Since the launch of Commonwealth in 2013, they’ve grown exponentially, attracting partnerships with various state organizations, including the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Published: May 31, 2015


Commonwealth Casualty Company

CHALLENGE :: How do you take a small, non-standard insurance agency, and compete with nationally recognized titans such as GEICO and Nationwide? Well, that's what we are tasked with, everyday, since 2013; trying to attract and retain loyal employees and customers through localized brand awareness and product campaigns. 


RESOLUTION :: The non-standard auto insurance market bombards the Arizona consumer with similar messaging, "SAVINGS." With GEICO and State Farm both utilizing outdoor tactics and community partnerships, it was important to see auto insurance through the eyes of the people that use auto insurance everyday. Through ethnographic studies and focus groups, we helped Commonwealth uncover a universal truth that resonated with people on a deeper level. In 2014 we slowly launched, "Auto Insurance Sucks Until You Need It." The idea was to relate to people and their unique stories. We quickly realized that no one, not one person, enjoys paying monthly for something that may never happen to them. This gave people confidence knowing Commonwealth held a deeper appreciation for the service they provide. To facilitate a stronger internal culture we launched "People Matter," a recruitment campaign that highlighted the diversity of this young insurance start up. 


OUTCOME :: Through the "Auto Insurance Sucks" campaign we successfully positioned Commonwealth top of mind in the non-standard category. Successful positioning and on-going management of the brand has allowed Commonwealth to exceed their annual revenue goals by 25% year over year. Launching "People Matter," increased employee retention and overall moral. By keeping the environment fun, colorful, and interactive employees become fans of the brand and share it naturally with their peers.