Breakfast Club


reakfast Club is the healthy brain child of Kyle Shivers, an entrepreneur visionary, who launched the elevated breakfast restaurant category genre a decade ago. Since the launch and revamp of the Scottsdale location, Breakfast Club has ventured into a business power retail spot at CityScape in downtown Phoenix.

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Published: May 31, 2015


Breakfast Club

CHALLENGE :: The breakfast genre is littered with a wide variety of choices for consumers … all positioning themselves as either a quick grab and go alternative to your morning, or a sit and eat piles of unhealthy food. 


RESOLUTION :: Rather than position Breakfast Club in the highly completive marketplace of grab and go or sit and eat, we strategically recommended a maneuver towards a “professional power breakfast,” luring in business professionals who are ready to hit the day with a breakfast meeting. In the move, we tweaked the BC mark a tad, to make it a bit edgy with a professional crispness to it. Nothing over the top, or in your face, but rather just a simple clean up of the previous mark.


OUTCOME :: Since the strategic maneuver, BC has seen sales increase over 800% alone in the CityScape Kiosk thanks to clear messaging and clutter free design.